Chapman Stick (Grand Stick)

  The Chapman stick is such a unique instrument.  Lately, I’ve been working with Leo Gosselin who is a master of the Chapman stick.  Excerpted from Leo’s website : Léo A. Gosselin is a pioneer and master of a radically   new technique on strings. The Chapman Stick Touchboard, invented by Emmett Chapman in 1974, represents a revolution […]

Mark Stevens on Timo Laine’s New Album

In June, legendary  father of the guitar synth, Timo Laine started recording his new album at Recording Farm.  Pictured is Mark Stevens, drummer for Timo’s new project.  Check back for photos and updates on this project.

It’s All About Feel

We really pride ourselves in making you feel comfortable.  It’s a well known fact that being comfortable adds to any performance.  We take the time you need to adjust and capture “just the right feel” in your recording.  Leave the city and take an hour drive from  LA or San Diego, we’re always available to […]

Harp Recording Challenges

My experience recording the harp is as a solo instrument and not as part of an Orchestra.  The harp is a very dynamic instrument which possesses both very quiet and loud passages.  When I’m speaking about “passages,” this means that it can be extremely quiet and exceptionally loud all in the same song.  These dynamics […]

Parodied Music and Copyright Law

Did you know that copyright law does not necessarily protect a music author from parody?  So, does that mean you shouldn’t ask artists and songwriters for permission?  You should always ask for their  blessing, but more as a courtesy and not as legal requirement.  It’s been my experience that artist management will often ignore a […]

It’s Really A Farm

Welcome to the Recording Farm.  Nestled in Temecula Valley’s Wine Country, the Recording Farm has an old world feel and an authentic and grounded vibe.  While you’re here you can create and then relax under the decades old California Pepper trees, feed the geese and watch the peafowl display.  The Recording Farm offers state of […]

Facilities to Record Full Bands

We have a separate live room with Gobos and enough mics (16 input) to properly mic up a drum kit.  We have several different top of the line mics to capture the tone and warmth of a ballad or the full blown effect of a heavy metal scream.

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