It’s Not Only Rock And Roll

Whether you’re a country singer, into classic rock or a West Coast rapper, we have on site studio musicians to work with you.  We collaborate with vocal coaches, songwriters, arrangers and session musicians that are experienced  and have credentials such as SESAC’s Country Songwriter of the year.

It’s Really A Farm

Welcome to the Recording Farm.  Nestled in Temecula Valley’s Wine Country, the Recording Farm has an old world feel and an authentic and grounded vibe.  While you’re here you can create and then relax under the decades old California Pepper trees, feed the geese and watch the peafowl display.  The Recording Farm offers state of […]

Facilities to Record Full Bands

We have a separate live room with Gobos and enough mics (16 input) to properly mic up a drum kit.  We have several different top of the line mics to capture the tone and warmth of a ballad or the full blown effect of a heavy metal scream.

You’re Never Too Young; Marimba

Even Roanie can show his chops at 2 years old.  The Recording Farm session musicians are professional full time band members and recording artists. And “Yes”, we even have an expert Marimba player.

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