Don’t Get Scammed!

Unfortunately, there are so many music industry people trying to prey on the hopes and dreams of aspiring musicians.  This is a very difficult business to break into.  Almost every person that calls me to record believes they have a shot in the music industry.  Does that mean that all successful well known recording artists are perfectly on pitch?  No, but almost all well known singers have “something.”  Technically speaking, legends like Steven Tyler, Mick Jagger or even country singer Taylor Swift do not have technically perfect voices, but, they have “it.”  Two questions I always ask singers (about their recordings) in the studio are, “How does it sound and how do you feel when you listen to it”  If it doesn’t sound great and move you, nothing else matters.  There are plenty of singers who have pitch perfect voices but there is no emotion, no “feel.”

I always encourage people who have wanted to pursue their dreams of recording to try. For most musicians, monetary success isn’t what makes them continue to sing, play or record.  Many people just want the experience of being in a studio, writing songs, and recording their own music.  I encourage people to tap into their creative side and enjoy the process without focusing on the destination.  Truth be told, very few people will ever make a living at making music, but for most musicians, just the act of creating is payment enough.

If you are considering recording or breaking into the music industry, please make sure you do your research and only deal with reputable people.  Here is a great article on how to not be suckered and what to expect.  Believe me, even in our area, I’ve heard stories of broken dreams and bank accounts.

One of the easiest ways for someone (including studios) to take advantage of people is through artist development fees.  Are there reputable people that offer this service?  Well, if you or someone you know has true talent and the developer really believes in you, you shouldn’t pay for  someone to “make you a star.” It angers me to know there are people out there that tell aspiring musicians, “I can make you a star and it’s only gonna cost you $XXXX (whatever the amount).”

The bottom line is, there are plenty of scams out there and it is up to all of us to be on the defensive and not open our dreams or wallets to any scam artists.

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